Patient Testimonials/Quotes

Your volunteers are amazing!! They were great from start to finish, helping break the tension and nerves – they deserve a lot of credit!!

J. Borgheiinck

I liked the pre-op class to prepare me mentally. I would say, "Don't change a thing!" Bravo!!

D. Ford

I give you whole program a 5 star rating… even higher if there is one.  From the seminars to the surgery, hospital stay, nurses care, therapy… I couldn't have been treated better, and I would recommend your Joint Replacement Program to anyone.


Great program.  Advanced meetings, training, exercises are very effective.  Overall, a positive experience.


Appreciate the meetings prior to surgery.  Knowing what to expect, and the information before surgery helps decrease the stress and fear of the unkown.  Doing physical therapy together after surgery was an encouragement to me and it was nice to encourage others as well.  The program as a whole was great!  Thestaff were informative, very encouraging, and helpful.  I am very satisfied with your program.  Thank you very much.


From the coach:  I thought the care and attention of the staff was exceptional – we are so lucky to have this facility in Alexandria with the great doctors and staff.

Fran (coach)

I am very impressed with the treatment I have received.   Everyone made me feel like they cared about me and how I was doing.  Keep up the good work.  The question and answer session was very helpful.


I feel the whole procedure was very organized and helpful – from the training before hand to the [Reunion] luncheon and speaker.  I had excellent care while I was in the hospital and this get-together was very informative and interesting.  Thank you for all the "extras".


Thank you for making my dad feel so much better – not only a new hip  - attitude too!!  The Joint Replacement Center was a great program.


I was impressed with your program.  As a coach, we had a good training so that I knew how & what was required and what to expect.